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Bamboo socks quality assurance control

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Why choose bamboo socks?
1 , good moisture absorption

, 2000 occasions under an electron microscope observation in the mix-area of the bamboo fiber bump deformation , engrossed inside a effective capillary effect such as the oblong-created pores was altitudes , absorption and evaporation water immediately , natural materials , bamboo socks absorbing or delivering moisture and air permeability good ranking in the 5 best in the first fiber . Inside the temperature of 36 ?? C beneath the conditions of relative humidity of 100% bamboo fiber restore greater than 45% , permeability is 3.5 occasions more effective than cotton , Known to as ” breathing fiber ” , sometimes known to since the “Fiber Full . “Bamboo socks summer season season , people feel awesome , breathable , winter and spring is fluffy and cozy and could get rid of the body of excess warmth and moisture , textiles produced using it’s name is ” second skin ” .


2 , antibacterial germicidal effect

. Bamboo Socks has natural antibacterial, antimicrobial , bactericidal effect , because bamboo within the unique substance , the substance is called “bamboo kun” has natural antibacterial , anti-mite , deodorant , bug control function . Observed beneath the microscope , the bacteria in cotton , wood fiber products for the discussed among bacteria on bamboo socks while not survive extended , together with a short while can disappear or reduce mortality up to 70 5 % of bacteria within 24 several hours or maybe more.Western government physiques found to enhance the extra price of the item , following a recognition in the cotton textile products in China Quality Supervision and Inspection Center as well as the Shanghai Institute of Microbiology , Chinese Academy of Sciences , also confirmed the above mentioned pointed out results ( cotton towel is straightforward smelly inside the summer season bacteria multiply the finish result thousands of occasions ) . Cotton products do not have antibacterial, antimicrobial function , the primary reason moldy , sour , sticky , bacteria blooms inside the towel . Bamboo socks not the explanation for this phenomenon , because itself has antibacterial, antimicrobial function , bacteria within the not breed , or possibly to outlive .Bamboo socks , during a warm and moist atmosphere is not moldy , not sour , not sticky .


3 , uvioresistant

Recognition shown with the Shanghai Institute of Physics , Chinese Academy of Sciences , 200 ~ 400nm Ultra purple transmittance in the cotton and 25 % bamboo fiber transmission of under .6% of the Ultra purple resistance is 41.7 occasions individuals of cotton . The wavelengths of ultraviolet injury to your body , that’s incomparable along with other textiles .


4 , soft, smooth , comfortable and wonderful

Comfort: contentment in the clothing relies upon three primary senses factors : thermal comfort , tactile comfort and pressure comfort . Bamboo socks hygroscopicity strong , good air permeability , far-infrared emission rate of .87 , much better than the conventional fiber fabric , so while using characteristics of thermal comfort . In line with the needs in the different seasons , different processes , bamboo socks awesome to the touch . Excellent bamboo socks skin-friendly , soft touch skin feel re-energized . Light and fluffy bamboo fiber products(bamboo socks,bamboo towels) , lube and delicate , soft , light and awesome , cotton – like soft feel , like the smooth feel of silk , soft close, professional and skin , drape , giving a zero- pressure comfort .

Summer season bamboo fiber products(bamboo socks,bamboo towels) , the body will really feel awesome 1-2 levels lower temperature than wearing regular clothes throughout the cold several weeks and spring is fluffy warm , but furthermore get rid of the body of excess warmth and moisture , do not get angry , don’t hair dry , awesome function can’t be when compared with many other materials .

It ‘s beautiful : thin bamboo fiber models fineness , whiteness , refined color after dyeing , vibrant true , will not fade , shiny , plump Tinggua , elegant appearance , good drape , elegant texture from the natural earthy .


5 eco-friendly

The breadth of assets as well as the ease of access to major performance can become useful inside the the bamboo short growing season 2-3 and growing extended-term business overnight bamboo can grow three foot high , it is able to do rapid growth and renewal , can replace cotton , timber together with other assets , and sustainable use . Products(bamboo socks,bamboo towels) made ??of bamboo fiber natural degradation in soil decomposition without any pollution for the atmosphere , can be a natural , eco-friendly , eco-friendly textile recycleables .


6 Natural Health

Medicine : bamboo elements ” antioxidant compounds can effectively apparent the body of harmful toxins and peroxy ester compounds , and could block the strong carcinogen N- nitrite, ammonia compounds , although substantially boost the immune capacity and moisturize the skin and anti-fatigue , anti-aging biological effectiveness . Due to the objective of natural antibacterial bamboo socks products , which made the products don’t add any synthetic antibacterial agent , does not cause skin allergy . Can substantially boost the immune capacity , but furthermore moisturize the skin and anti-fatigue , anti-aging biological effectiveness is actually a natural eco-friendly and healthy products .